Developer’s Notes

Try to seize me is a game intended to play with friends so keep in mind that there may be a small player base in the game.
Highly suggested to play with friends.

Keep in mind the game is developed by one developer, but you can expect updates, fixes and a developer which will be as involved as possible.

Feature List

  • Multiplayer 2-6 players.
  • Simple but effective matchmaking.
  • 15 characters to choose between.
  • 5 maps to choose between.
  • Private matches that can only be joined by knowing the name and password.
  • Partial controller support. (Focus on 360 controller)

About the Game

Try to seize me is a game where players try to chase each other down. There is two roles; robbers and cops, these roles work to take each other out.
The cops will try to chase and knock out the thief and the thief try to take out the police with traps.
The game focuses around the chasing and getting chased.

The goal is to have fun with friends and to take out the opposition.

Latest News

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Try to seize me

Play with your friends.
Cops and robbers work to take each other out.
The game is focused around playing with friends.
Robbers use traps to take out cops while cops use their trusty baton!

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