You have to assemble and maintain turrets and use every tool or weapon you find to survive the zombies which are coming to eat you alive. They are closer and closer and their number is growing but you are just watching behind barriered weak doors as the ammo counter goes down to zero and the batteries have only a little power left.

If you have a last bullet in your handgun maybe you can end it in the easy way, before they get in and eat you… or bring some with you with a bomb, wich you grab in the last minute.

You work as a security type guy in an isolated guard house. The civilization started crumbling years ago, but you still do your job, trying to protect the guard house in any way you can, as mutant zombies try to overrun it.


-Day-night cycle

-Weapons ranging from melee to guns, like crowbar, blowtorch, revolvers,bombs, and ofcourse your best friends: Turrets. (many more to come)

-Turret assembly: Assemble turrets from parts found around the house, and set them up with an antenna so you can monitor the turrets
battery, ammo, and signal strength!

-Zombies! (yes, they are considered a feature)

-Flip off gesture! {only in VR} (this is an important feature if you run out of ammo, use this against the zombies!)

-Many more things to come in the future, feel free to suggest any ideas , or stuff you want to see or try out in the game!

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Tower Defense game in first person view, it can be played in VR with Oculus Rift or in non VR.

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