Twin Brothers is an indie-puzzle game


Hi… My name is Benjamin Senki.
Aki Senki, is a slaue who works in a company which belongs to a monster called Zeko M47. He has a permit to talk to on Saturays at 1:00AM. Aki can talk with his childeren only for 10 minutes. This permit was so important for Aki Senki but the woman who is mother of the childeren did not even want that permit. The eldir chield gets psychological disorders because of the sadness of not seeing his dad and doesn’t know what to do for his dad?


You must bring two siblings side by side by the way don’t forget to kill the monsters trying to block you. Have a nice game.


Benjamin fires with Z key
Masamune fires with X key
They both controlled with d-pad

  • FullHD
  • Low price
  • Relax music

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Twin Brothers

It's an excellent game which is you can play it entertainingly and fight against your friends.

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