Ultra, Mega, Turbo, Etc all these words are from the urban dictionary.
The game idea was sort of an inside joke at the start. It was only an idea but now it has been realised. We have a MOBA, tower defence game.
But what? oh no! It’s the third person shooter as well?

The game is totally free and you can invite as many friends as you like in to it. Even create clans.
In game no range limitations! You can aim and headshot your opponent from whichever location you choose.

What do we have there ingame?
We have Three starting characters, okay… let me introduce them a bit:

1. Murdock:
A thermal murderer. He can see his enemies through walls and can kill you through walls as well! No mercy, no rest! He can see you through all the stage.
Once you’ve heard his thermal shot charging or see yellow light that means you’re dead if you do not have better energy armour to dodge this deadly strike! A formidable force to be reckoned with. Strike from the distance, and take map control.

2. Tesla:
An electric tank – supporter. Slow, but not too much: with his haste skill he will run faster than any creature in game for a limited time. If you see the big guy running towards you, keep in mind he is already prepared something for you – a gift, we call it Purple Death. All you will see in the end will be the purple light around you.

3. Jeta:
A rocket girl? So funny. But wait whats that.. she sits on my shoulders and shoots at my head? Oh wait! No ! Oh no respawning again. What she can fly too? And she’s an acrobat? Why did the developer gave so much to this girl? Also for rockets on her back with each dealing loads of damage? No! It is too much! For fast paced combat, and lightning assault on enemy defences!

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"Ultra Megon" has combined more genres into one game. Genres like -

MOBA | third Person shooter | parkour game | defense | strategy | RPG | MMO | etc...

In "ULTRA MEGON" you will find a lot of unexpected situations, characters with their unique skills and abilities. Players will be able to play online, create clans, collect items and gain experience. Beta version of the game will be released in 2017.

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