Survive on the island dominated by Beasts

Act as Carl, a human boy who set foot on the wild Capitol Island to find cure for his brother who is infected by Beast Plague and dying.
Modify your body to mutate with beast power, or stay faithful and stay human, you choices decide the result.

In this Roguelite Platformer RPG, you could defeat your enemies or sneak along, find hidden chambers and secrets, enhance your character by surgery, or use various of items. The whole world is based on physics and there are many ways to interact.


Physics based system featuring interactions like lifting, throwing and a lot more
300+ props to enhance character and gameplay.
Randomly assembled levels provide unique experience for each replay.
BEAST RPG system
Fire,Poison, ICE and Electricity work as unique but reasonable game mechanism
Hidden chambers and items around levels.
Fun Boss fights.
Multiple endings.

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UnderHuman is a physics based Roguelite Platformer RPG. Act as human boy Carl to fight through Capitol island, mutate your body with animal power and utilize 300+ props and abilities. Find the reason why Beast Plague is rampant among the land.

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