Based on cult classic Space Station 13, Unitystation is a game centered around life on an outpost, exploration ship in the far reaches of space. The game is full of paranoia and lighthearted shenanigans being a station that is as much at risk from the clown and mime as it is from undercover operatives, eldritch cultists, changelings, demons, revolutions, and assaults from enemy corporations. Played in rounds that reset the station every time, the game features an assortment of jobs on the space station, including doctors, chemists, scientists, janitors, engineers, atmospheric technicians, security guards, bartenders and the all-important clown. Each round’s randomly selected antagonists will try and execute plans to fight the station’s crew. Despite some unintuitive graphics and mechanics, the game can be incredibly addictive! Endless possibilities await you on the barely airtight deathtrap that is Unitystation…

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Based on cult classic Space Station 13, Unitystation focuses on life in deep space. The game boasts realistic simulations of a functional electric grid, organ damage with surgery, and much more. Try to avoid getting sucked out the airlock on this barely airtight deathtrap. Unitystation awaits..

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