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Unrested Development

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Jacob needs some help being a reluctant hero. His sister, Milly, is a mage in training. Their cat, Suki, sometimes turns into a brawling catgirl. And then there’s the ghost who can’t find his body….

Oh, and the town’s been captured by an insane cult. There are mutated creatures roaming the land. And somebody, somewhere, could use a good spanking.

This is a classic style RPG with an amusing story, hand drawn enemies, and a nice musical score. You’ll play a team of four unique characters as they roam the land fighting monsters and an evil cult. With any luck, they’ll find the right dead body and put an end to curse of Wizard Weather.

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Unrested Development

Wizard Weather, a cat girl, and a dead guy looking for a sandwich--maybe. Grab a bottle of Rock Cow. You're going to need it.

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