Your attention is invited to an exciting logical game about vampires, which will force you to make a lot of effort to pass difficult levels.


  • Logical game
  • Multiple levels
  • Interesting idea
  • Many achievements
  • Suitable for children

Have you ever wanted to watch how vampires hunt their victims? To take part in this difficult process for the purpose also it’s necessary to solve logic problems? If so, then you are interested in the correct game. After all, here you have to solve difficult puzzles about how to get to the victim, you do not have to be trapped yourself, have time to eat before competitors this may not be so easy as it seems at first glance, go through many levels and infect the vampirism of all potential victims!

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An interesting puzzle with an unusual idea. Play as a hunter for human lives and help feed your pet. In this case, try not to perish yourself.

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