Those who are lost must seek Wisdom. Those who seek Wisdom must seek the Council.

Viaerium is a short, soothing story about You, embarking on a journey to achieve your Dream. Sit back and relax on this metaphorical path, full of beauty, light and thought.

  • Tranquility: Relaxing sounds and music accompany the beautiful landscapes of Viaerium.
  • Vision: Look at your life goals from another perspective.
  • 3D Platforming: Calm journey unfolds with a classic third-person movement.
  • Simplicity: Simple controls fit for everyone.
  • No Violence: Take it at your own pace and rules.
  • Atmosphere: With outstanding songs by Philipp Weigl and Kai Engel.

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Viaerium is a relaxing 3D Platformer about a beautiful journey to fullfill your Dream.

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