Introducing VIARKANOID, the new virtual reality update of the iconic 80s arcade game Arkanoid. Move the paddle to deflect the ball against a range of shifting obstacles. As with the original game, your goal is to anticipate the path of the ball and control its movement.

But VIARKANOID takes the format to the next level by taking all the elements that made Arkanoid such a classic and re-inventing them for the virtual age. Test your reflexes in interactive game rooms inspired by the worlds of architecture, film and art, featuring mind-bending walls and rotating bricks. Boasting absorbing gameplay and multiple abstract levels, VIARKANOID puts you in the heart of the action for a truly dynamic gaming experience!

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Experience VIARKANOID, the new virtual reality update of the classic 80s arcade game Arkanoid. Immerse yourself in a range of abstract levels inspired by architecture, film and art. Just don’t forget to keep your eyes on the ball!

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