Vibrant demands your hyper-focus. Built for bringing you "in the zone", with Vibrant you’ll meet the cold, efficient, scary, faster version of yourself.
Vibrant is a high-speed arena shooter for Windows & Mac.

The experience is set to be as intense as possible.

Game Features:

  • Explore 31 hand crafted levels under time-attack
  • Master the art of 2D combat with inertia
  • Catch things with your lasso
  • Coffee break compatible: each game is guaranteed to last under 30 minutes
  • 4 Different Endings: escape your fate or surrender to it
  • Break rules and improve your timings
  • Drift into music and forget who you are

Notes from the developer

Vibrant started its life back in 2002 as a short MS-DOS program. Curiously still alive 15 years later, it has turned into a quirky savage arena shooter I’m still learning from.

The goal was to make Vibrant as hypnotic as possible. I think it specifically trains short-term memory, as the number of things to remember in combat may well exceed your capacity for recent events.

If you feel overwhelmed, try to ask yourself the question "Can I focus more?". You’ll need several attempts.

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Faster than Sound. Vibrant is a high speed arcade game that delivers insane action and fresh gameplay. Master combat with inertia and free yourself from the Grid.

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