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Vienna Automobile Society

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Race cars in classic motorsport style. Each corner is a chance to outmaneuver the other drivers, every straight a flat out drag race. Fast-paced strategy relies on your reflexes to pull off split second maneuvers. Feel your car’s momentum, find the rhythm of the track, and drive like a racing driver.

Guide your car’s driving line to take each corner quickly while finding a gap to overtake other drivers. On straights, be quick on your gears and late on the brakes to get to the corner first, always on the edge of spinning or crashing out. Spend an entire lap trying to close the distance to the car ahead, choosing the right corner to make your move.

Other drivers break your rhythm, forcing you to adapt your driving and how you tackle corners. Each track is unique and you have to learn the fastest route through corners and sections. Rain changes your car’s behavior while you deal with decreased visibility. With a simple control scheme, victory will come from out-thinking and out-driving everyone else.

Inspired by the classic era of formula racing around the Mediterranean, each environment is a colorful and hand-built racetrack, all alongside an originally produced surf rock soundtrack.


  • Four player local and online multiplayer
  • Races award points to compete over a multi-race season
  • Single player practice to learn tracks and hone your driving
  • Twelve unique tracks and environments
  • Simple, three button controls are easy to learn
  • Different weather modes to add a twist to driving
  • Original surf rock soundtrack
  • Stylish Mediterranean locales

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Vienna Automobile Society

Arcade racing with strategy and reflexes. Control your car's driving line and gears to master the track and outmaneuver other drivers. Simple controls and abstract design recreate the high speed drama of circuit racing.

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