ViveSpray 2 is as real as virtual graffiti gets. ViveSpray 2 adds:

  • New spray engine allowing massive high resolution walls – never run out of space again!
  • Metallic paints
  • Wet/dry system – paint goes on wet and dries over time
  • Tune-able spray flow, radius, smoothness and chaos
  • Paint drips
  • Ambidextrous by design: grab a can with whichever hand you like, or even grab one in each for dual spraying shenanigans!
  • Paint removal can (Spiffy Clean)
  • Paint on paint (Alpha locking)
  • Take high resolution photos with the tablet
  • Radius locking helps less experienced players produce consistent lines
  • Steam Audio integration for extremely realistic spray sounds
  • Unmatched, finely tuned, consistent spray mechanics that allow you to produce amazing art
  • Import reference art
  • Multiple undo

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ViveSpray 2

As real as virtual graffiti gets

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