Become the Dungeon Knight!

The world is cursed and only you can save it,

Venture into dark dungeons and try to overcome them all! Destroy the evil source they contain and weaken the curse! Each time with new loot you collect and upgrades/perks you earn!
The dungeons you try to defeat are different every time. They contain creatures, traps, secrets to find.. and much more to get you killed!
When you feel like you are strong enough to destroy the curse and save the world.. assault the tower of the evil necromancer and bring him down!
This is hardest challenge of all.

Fight with all kind of weapons like Swords, Daggers, Axes, Bow’s, Staffs, Shields and more!
All these weapons can be upgraded and become better each time.
Dual wielding is totally a feature!

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What is it, and how does this game play?

VR Dungeon Knight plays around your personal "Dungeon Chamber", here you can walk around, view and grab your items/equipment and summon yourself into evil dungeons. Each dungeon has a evil source and your goal is to reach the end and destroy it! This of course results in getting new loot and possibly perks/skills.
Your ultimate goal is to defeat the necromancer who is behind this "Curse", You have to assault his tower and bring him down. The necromancer can be fought immediately when you start the game, but it will bring you to a quick death. Collect the best weapons in the game and earn perks to have a better chance against him!

VR Dungeon Knight is not a open world game and it never will be, this game is developed by 1 person.

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VR Dungeon Knight’s online function currently Contains:

-Private online Co-op with a friend! (Bugs to be expected, currently in early stage of development).
-No open online matchmaking. (May be added in the future, no promises!)

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VR Dungeon Knight

VR Dungeon Knight is in EARLY ACCESS! That means that it's not in a finished state just yet! Although you can help development by purchasing, I would recommend reading the full description first! 🙂

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