This is an early stage demo for the game VR Racket Ball. We are trying out a concept to see if people would be interested in playing game like this in VR.

In the demo, you will be placed in a stadium like environment with an AI (early stage- concept). The aim is to steal the ball from the AI and score a goal against it to earn a point. 1 game lasts for 5 mins. At the end of 5mins, you can see if you managed to beat the AI or not.

In the future, we are looking at different gaming options for e.g. currently it’s a solo game. We are looking at having 1 to 3 people in each team, Introducing Multi-Player, Trick Shots Modes and so on.

The controls are:
[RIGHT Controller]
To hit the ball, simply wave your controller and try to aim it in the direction you wish to hit the ball in.

[Left Controller]

Press the touch pad to move forward and point the controller in the direction you wish to go. Press the trigger button to break.

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VR Racket Ball

Interesting combination of multiple sports delivering an entertaining experience in VR

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