Your actions have been examined and it has been determined you have violated the nation’s laws and contributed to a weakness in security. In order to atone for these crimes and redeem yourself in the eyes of the powers that be, you must track down society’s undesirables, whose existence is incongruent with the prioritization above all of self and nation on which the society is founded.

Unlock and battle bosses as you work to hunt down every enemy in the Watchlist! Leverage the power of 4 different weapon types which can be upgraded individually and combined with each other in order to create weapons of devastating power! Play cooperatively with your friends! Question your alignment the priorities of the status quo in this high-intensity retro-styled twin-stick shooter!

– 9 bosses to unlock and battle!
– 4 weapon types to upgrade and experiment combining!
– Solo play and local co-op!
– Procedurally generated levels for endless replayability!
– A high score leaderboard to compete in!

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Accused of committing a crime affecting the nation's security, you are now tasked with tracking down various undesirables in order to redeem yourself in the eyes of the powers that be. Blast through procedurally generated levels and complete the Watchlist in this retro arcade shooter!

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