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Weapon Shop Fantasy

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It Is A Shop Simulation Game With A Lot RPG

Or It Is A RPG With A Lot Of Shop Simulation.


Craft Your Mighty Weapon!!

And enchant with magic!

Defeat the Mighty Enemy!!

Collect Rare Materials!!

Learn Awesome Skills!!

Make Your Own Skill Combination!!

Or, you can just steal the materials and run away!

In this game, you can train your stuff, raise their abilities and learn tons of skills. Defeat enemy and collect materials to craft lots of gears and weapons.

200+ Gears to be crafted
200+ Skills With Unlimited Combination
70+ Monsters Including Giant Boss
100+ Missions

Run Away From Battlefield System!
You Can Allure Boss With Food!
Every weapon you crafted have its own skills binding
A craft system with bit of luck
Nearly unlimited stuff training system
Unique skill learning system and Auto-battle-collection system
Magic Element and Skills will help you defeat enemy easier and faster
And developer’s unlimited bad jokes

Have Fun,
Digdog Studio Pty Ltd

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Weapon Shop Fantasy

Shop game with RPG?RPG with a shop?
Collect material,craft weapon,train your staff and defeat enemy!
This is Weapon Shop Fantasy!

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