The idea for this game was to create Crimsonland-like shooter for virtual reality. The game deviated a lot from the initial idea during development but I hope it still contains to some extent Crimsonland atmosphere.

Weird creatures game contains 4 survival levels inhabited by various (weird!) creatures. The goal is protection of your weird ally vehicle and earning as much expirience as you are able. You won’t have to protect yourself because there isn’t "yourself" that could be damaged by enemies. Focus your mind on protecting your weird ally vehicle.

There are a lot of options to make survival much easier:
– Get new weapons and bonuses
– Raise your level to get more firepower and improve capabilities of your weird ally
– Earn credits to upgrade your weapons and ally’s equipment
– Install rockets. They are AMAZING!
– Collect weird art across the levels. It won’t help you to survive but it is fun and may be good source of credits
– Blow up weird creatures with grenades and bombs

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Weird creatures

Blow-up your mind with the easy fantasy shooting simulator. You will travel across forests, deserts and snowy mountains, accompanied by a powerful ally vehicle to care of. Various weird inhabitants resist you to collect art pieces. Ever struggle to be rewarded.

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