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When It Hits the Fan

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In 199X the world was at peace… until it all hit the fan!

When It Hits the Fan is an action arcade twin-stick shooter for PC and arcade that you can play with a friend that was inspired by many classic arcade and SNES/Sega Genesis era games.

It features four apocalypse scenarios happening all at once:
Zombies spilled out into the city streets…
AI in military grade robots went haywire…
Demons started pouring out of hell…
And finally, aliens started invading the planet!

–When It Hits the Fan Intro


  • 2 Player local co-op
  • 4 Zones (City, Laboratory, Underground/Hell, and Alien Spaceship)
  • 9 Weapons: Handgun, Double Handgun, Shotgun, Machine gun, Grenade Launcher, Flamethrower, Laser pistol, Laser Cannon, and Chainsaw!
  • Various power-ups (Invincibility cloak, Force shield, protective cross…)
  • Many enemies from all four apocalypses (zombies, irradiated cockroaches, out of control robots, demon imps and devils, alien brutes, and more!)

Free Bonus Content:

  • Over 40 achievements!
  • Unlock Hard Mode and Cheat Mode for maximum re-playability
  • Cheat Mode includes pick your weapon to play the full game with the most powerful weapons of your choice

    Three difficulty settings to allow for your style of play:

    • Easy – less enemies and slower bullets
    • Normal – the way it was meant to be played
    • Hard (Unlockable) – more enemies, more difficult enemy patterns

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When It Hits the Fan

When It Hits the Fan is a 2d action arcade top-down shooter for PC/Mac/Linux and arcade involving four apocalypic events at once: zombie outbreak, robot AI takeover, demon incursion, and alien invasion!

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