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Whitevale Defender

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The war machines are approaching. Help King Theodore save the city of Whitevale from the evil King Balmek. Place your defenses perfectly along multiple criss crossing paths to prevent the war machines from reaching your Castle in this retro strategy defense game.

  • Build defenses to destroy the oncoming war machines & prevent them from reaching your Castle
  • Utilize traps and explosives to survive in the heat of the moment
  • Build mining drills to excavate minerals to improve your economy
  • Unlock powerful rewards that completely alter how you play
  • Enjoy retro 1-bit (ish) visuals and a chiptune soundtrack

A classic tower defense game that is simple to learn but challenging. It’s a game you can keep playing to unlock new towers and tools that will get you closer to the boss each play through. The game gives you a small amount of money each wave, but to beat the game you will need manage your money flow. There are several nuances to the strategy for you to uncover as you play. If you love classic tower defenses or strategy games in general, this game is for you.

Whitevale is on the brink of destruction. King Theodore needs your help….

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Whitevale Defender

Help King Theodore save Whitevale from hordes of war machines in this handcrafted, retro strategy defense game.

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