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Wild West Saga:Idle Tycoon

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What else is there in the great ol’ West than dusty tumbleweeds, ya say? Big money, we say!
This is your chance to become the billion-dollar pioneer you’ve always dreamed of, and master the economy of the wondrous Wild West!
Tap to create your own Saloon and 19 other powerful businesses, hire notorious outlaws, collect patent cards, discover new Towns and show everyone how great fortunes are made!
The key to this western adventure is to keep your progress in apple-pie order: upgrade the level of your business to make more money, click on Lulu Adloader, the Loot Bag and the Piano to double your profits instantly, collect patent cards to increase the performance of your businesses and Go West as many time as you can to collect Pioneers and unlock new Towns and Upgrades!

Giddy up and become a rich capitalist in Wild West Saga, the addicting idle game that will satisfy your rush for colossal profits!

Game Features
– 20 businesses to unlock and master
– Patent Cards that boost the performance of your businesses
– Mechanisms that double your profits instantly
– Exploration map – unlock towns as you reset
– Tasks and achievement badges

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Wild West Saga:Idle Tycoon

Click, make money and become a rich Capitalist in this Addictive Adventure!

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