Willful is an adventure game that borrows elements from Mega Man, Metroid, and other classics from the 80s and 90s.
The Player takes up arms as a sacrificial offering named Will.

As the player explores the different areas in the game they can spend money on powerups and golden carrots which grant access to new worlds.
It’s up to you to stop the reign of a mysterious entity named Behemoth, and his group of crazed followers!

Stuff you can do in Willful:

-Shoot things

-Make friends with a rock golem

-Buy from sketchy carrot dealers

-Traverse a giant computer chip

-Battle against bosses

-Explore ten different worlds

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Willful is a fast paced shooting/exploration game that takes place over ten worlds.
Explore ruins, forests, other dimensions, and take down an evil organization as a small rabbit Will.

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