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Winter Wolves Classic Games Collection

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This is a collection of classic games we made several years ago, but that we believe at current price point it’s still worth purchasing. For only 4.99 you’ll get:

  • Universal Boxing Manager – Very detailed boxing management simulation. Manage up to 6 boxer in 17 weight categories.
  • TV Station Manager – Run your own TV channel. Buy or Sell rights to display programs on your TV. Arrage everything into the weekly schedule. Make your own TV Show with the "Production Studio".
  • The Goalkeeper – Play in the role of a goalkeeper. 2D arcade or strategy simulation of the matches.
  • Universal Soccer Manager 1 and 2 – very fast soccer management simulations.
  • Vera Blanc 1 & 2 – detective/mystery visual novels with western comic art
  • Supernova: Galactic Wars – a mix of strategy with arcade shooter

Please note that because they’re very old games they’re no longer updated. There’s no achievements or cloud save support. Sorry about that. They’ve been tested and work fine under Windows 10 though.

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Winter Wolves Classic Games Collection

Collection of 8 classic games, from boxing sim to tv station management, from detective visual novel to strategy/shooter mix.

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