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Witch of Ice Kingdom Ⅱ

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「Witch of Ice Kingdom Ⅱ」is a retro JRPG. The storyline is brief also contain rich. And there are hidden events waiting for you to find. You will play as a little witch waking up on the bed. She was remembering various events……You will visit places such as the royal castle, the snow mountain cave, the white forest and even more of dangerous locations! The battle in the game adopt Turn-Based Combat. In battle, the little witch can only use magic, and the "Attack" select of her is invalid. But she can consume 1 point of MP to summon pumpkins.


There was a war between Witch happened in the beautiful Exlester Continent. It was terminated by a brave with archangel descent, but because of strong magic effect, the Exlester Continent became into a permanent state of winter. However, after becoming the permanent state of winter, the people live in the mainland always suffer a called “Crazy Winter” disturbance. Until that day, the Crazy Winter coming. The seal of Witch was undone. In the white Exlester Continent, there was a kingdom named Carripardo, and the story begins here…… This story is set after the Crazy Winter , launching a new adventure by the little Witch Nonoly.

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Witch of Ice Kingdom Ⅱ

The Exlester Continent had once been a beautiful land.
But it was destroyed ruthlessly by a war between witches.
At last a hero of the Archangel decedent put the war to an end by sealing the power of those witches.
But it was too late, By the mighty magic, The beautiful Exlester Continent Was into the winter forever.

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