Wally is just months away from graduating high school when he comes home to discover that his parents have passed away in a car crash. Although they left the house to him, he finds himself very lonely by himself and wishing for someone to live with him. While cleaning his parents’ closet, he finds a magic rose, accidentally releasing a dark fairy named Desdemona who was imprisoned centuries ago for attempting to kill the daughter of a king and queen. Wally must get used the new addition to the his household (who insists on staying) and introduce her to the time period she finds herself in. He also has to deal with Desdemona’s constant flirting which flusters him to no end.


• Multiple endings (both good and bad)
• First impression matters (affects dialogue throughout the story)
• Two heroines
• Visible protagonist
• 15 CGs

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Within a Rose

Wally, a lonely 18-year-old, accidentally releases a scantily clad dark fairy named Desdemona who was sealed away for her violence. She quickly grows fond of him and decides to take up residence in his house. Living alone with a flirtatious woman ensures that his life will certainly be interesting.

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