Without Escape is a point and click horror graphic adventure inspired by those first person graphic adventures with pre-rendered backgrounds from the 90s.

One cold winter night, you came home and saw there was nobody there. You remembered that your parents told you a few days back that they were going to visit your grandparents. They are in a town located more than 300Km from where you live, so they would probably stay there the whole weekend. So you didn’t give it too much thought. Since it was a rather boring night, you decided to go to bed early.

In the middle of the night, some strange noises woke you up. The first thing that came to your mind was that it probably was someone that probably entered to rob the house. So you decided to investigate what was happening. Even though you found out that there wasn’t anybody there, you started noticing several strange horrifying events in your house, until you end up in a nightmarish world fearing for your life.

Will you be able to endure all these horrible events?

  • Point and click gameplay.
  • Horror story about an increasingly dangerous mystery.
  • Many puzzles that will make you think your way through the adventure.
  • Gamepad, keyboard and mouse support.
  • Atmospheric music that will let you feel the oppressive and horrible situation.
  • 1080p pre-rendered backgrounds.
  • Multiple endings.
  • Secrets and easter eggs.
  • Online completion time leaderboards¬†that will offer more replay value for speedrunning.
  • Achievements and Trading Cards.

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Without Escape

Without Escape is a point and click horror graphic adventure in which you will need to investigate some mysterious and horrible events that started happening in your house.

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