Welcome to Wordabeasts, the multiplayer party game full of adventure and intellect!
After starting your adventure, each player in the safari will receive a set of words on their mobile device. Then the hunt begins as all players think of a single clue word that connects their words together. Everyone earns points for guessing other player’s words and them guessing yours!

Wordabeasts can be played with anywhere from 3-8 players, but in the jungle more is definitely merrier. Pack in your friends and family for the adventure of a lifetime! (well, the weekend at least).

Once starting the game, all players can join through a web browser on their mobile device and enter the code on screen to join the safari!

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Wordabeasts is a multiplayer party game that rewards fast-paced wit!
After joining the safari, players will receive words on their mobile devices, think of a single clue word that connects them together, and earn points for guessing other player's words!

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