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Wurst Defender Coop Edition

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Ever squashed bugs as a little kid? Well even if not, now is your chance! Get into Wurst Defender Coop Edition and improve your typing skills by writing different words from numerous categories. Create your own word packs with the theme you like most and play them afterwards in the game. Share your word pack creations on Steam Community Hub or the Facebook community page for other players to discover and play.

The more words you type, the harder they become, but no worries, you can slow down the game by choosing a lower difficulty. Ease yourself into the game with a partner, who has a much easier job of nursing a plant. With a watering can and some fertilizer crumbs, the life of the writer gets either easier or harder, depending on the mood of your fellow player nursing the plant. Social interaction and maybe conflict guaranteed!

Visit the Facebook page to share and download word packs!

Key features

  • Get better at typing
  • Type endlessly in single-player survival
  • Create your own word packs
  • Play in local, asymmetrical coop
  • Plant and nurse a flower, easy-going
  • Influence the ant-speed with your nursing-tools
  • 3 writing speed difficulties
  • Achievements

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Wurst Defender Coop Edition

Type words, squashing ants in the process, protecting your precious Wurst (sausage). Play in single- or local multiplayer and even create your own word packs for even more fun in the game.

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