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X.A.O.C is celebrating its 4th anniversary since its release in July of 2013.
This summer X.A.O.C will be coming to the Steam platform in its 5th year of operation.
The Steam early access version will be the current 3.0 "Blood night of the Diablos" on Taiwan server.

The story starts with the "Skyfall Disaster." When the once prosperous world collapsed, the boundaries of deities, ghosts, and human were no longer clear. In this world, we are here to seek salvation, and explore the "Order" of existence. As we enter the choatic world, the game will guide us to a world full of ghosts and spirits. Killing is never the main purpose of this game. For example, through excorcising dead monsters, you will be able to feel one with the universe. Although the world of this game seems harsh and desperate, there are still some characters with a sense of humor. They want us to know that no matter how desperate the world may look, we can still be optimistic, and even help each other out.

As to the gameplay of X.A.O.C, we aim to create an unique experience of Zen for our players. It order to achieve this, we did not follow the traditional way of development, because it couldn’t reach our pursuits. As a result, a variety of special gameplay was created to significantly distinguish the game, such as hot spring, incense burning, tea making, flying lantern, excorcising, servant fairy, Taoist ritual. With the cinematic cut scenes, you will become the main actor of the epic story.


✥ Multi-player online game, single-player experience.

✥ 2 main sides (Parliament and Abominable Dog Martial), 4 main races (East Region,
  Desert Nation, Rebellions, Herb Nation)
✥ 5 body types (Fit male, Young lady, Teenage girl, Muscular male, Thin male)
✥ 7 classes, each of them has 3 different types of weapons to select from
  ▪ Samurai: fancy moves, wielding katanas
  ▪ Gladiator: bare-hand brawlers
  ▪ Night Shade: servant of the light and shadow
  ▪ Gunslinger: A lone gunnery master
  ▪ Spector: Heavy-armored soldier
  ▪ Tanyuanke: Elemental masters
  ▪ Necromancer: Soul and demon excorcist
✥ Unique attack methods: "Charge", "Blitz", and "Break"
✥ Various mission types: Main story, side-quests, area-quests, daily mission, and others
✥ Dozens of world bosses among the world
✥ Dozens of side area caves to explore among the world
✥ Dozens of story, mission, event dungeons. 4 difficulties available: Easy, Normal, Hard,
  and Extreme.
✥ Guild, Guild concessions, Guild wars, and PvP areas.
✥ Class weapon skill upgrade, and perk system

Game Features

❂ Cinematic cut scenes

❂ Hot spring, incense burning, tea making, flying lantern, excorcising, servant fairy,
  Taoist ritual
❂ Unique stash system
❂ "Weapon Conciousness" system for adding abilities to weapons and armors
❂ Frame system: 6 dimensions and 8 factions, all having counters
❂ Smelting system: Using materials to upgrade your weapons and equipment
❂ Refine system: Tailoring, Blacksmithing, Engineering, and Alchemy
❂ Achievement system: record and showcase your journey

Never give up.

XAOC is never a cheesy online game. We continuously bring out patches and new stories. Although the pace may slow down sometimes, but we never give up on our goal.
Similar to music notes, there is always a chance to play the music to everyone’s heart before the whole rest is placed. We have always cherished everything about XAOC and sought to thank our supporters by never giving up. This will always be our motto. This is XAOC.

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《X.A.O.C》 is a MMORPG with almost 4 million words of original story about the Eastern deities. In this epic journey of the ancient Chinese, the story dramatically evolves when chemicals such as ethnicity, culture, belief, religion, and emotions come together.

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