In Yerah you´re an aground Viking. The Jarl of a near village found you and is helping you out by giving you your
own farm. Earn the trust of the villagers and build up your own little home. Started with growing your own
vegetables and fruits to fighting monsters and keep the villagers save.

Realtime season change
Experience a realtime season change with many visual changes in the whole world.
In any season there will be new things to discover and you are experiencing the year in Yerah exactly
how you would in the realworld. So the game is in a permanent change and appears more lively.

Also you can prepare for holiday specific features in every season to bring more joy in your farm life.

Explore the green grasslands, the colorful flowers in spring. See how the nature awakes from hibernation.

Discover golden cornfields in summer and enjoy living in a lively world full of things to do.

In fall you will see the colorful leaves of the trees in the woods. It will get misty and you can feel the nature prepare for the winter.

Enjoy the beautiful world of winter with snowy days, snowy meadows and the quiet of the winter. Explore frozen lakes and the loveliness of the wintry forest.

– Grow fruits and vegetables on your field

– Fight monsters in the near by caves

– Upgrade your farm

– Discover every new season a whole new setting

– Gather ressources

Planed features :

– Farm animals

– Building up relationships to the villagers

– Take care of your family

– Learn about the viking mythology

– and many more

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Yerah is a farming game. Discover every new season a whole new setting. You can build up your own farm and fight monsters to
keep the village save. Learn about the viking mythology and use it in your new live as a farmer.

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