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Your Smile Beyond Twilight:黄昏下的月台上

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He thought he was invincible. He thought he didn’t need any gentle treatment or support in the world. He rejected the concern of others, except the concern from his parents.

Struggling through his life with that mind set he marches forward only to face despair and of course for granted. He wasn’t a genius nor very talented. He was only a step ahead of the most and this was something he realized too late.

Knowing his fate and how he acted in the past he considers himself unworthy of support other people can give him. As such, he didn’t seek for help either.

Even so, she came to him and dragged him out of the lowest pit in life. She gave him back his smile and it was brighter than ever. The world decided to give him a chance and treated him gently, even though he thought he didn’t need any of it.

Now knowing he was never that invincible man he once thought he was, he decided go back to his hometown, taking her along with him. Even so, he doesn’t feel ready to face the next step.

Yet, something changed.

Once he got off the train, standing on that familiar yet strange platform, his world begins to overturn and change.

Due to a breeze that sounds like a whisper in his face, he remembers a voice, a girl’s voice. It wasn’t her voice, but it was diffidently this someone’s voice.

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Your Smile Beyond Twilight:黄昏下的月台上

Experience the story of a young man.

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