YumeCore features side-scrolling beat-’em-up action inside of a dream-warped hospital. Defeat the crazed patients with punches, throws, and a variety of items to clear the stages!

  • Story

A girl named Soboko has a lucid dream while staying in the hospital.
Excited by the new experience, she acts as a temporary nurse to calm the rampaging patients…by force! But like all dreams, things are not as they seem…

  • Fusion of beat-’em-up & adventure elements

There’s more than just fighting!
Explore the hospital in the real world for items to give Soboko an edge in punishing the crazed denizens of the dream world!

  • Unique characters

Many strange but cute enemies await, such as girls who spit water, girls who are long, girls who are VERY long, girls who hop about, and more.
Plus, face down end-stage bosses in heated battles!

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"YumeCore" is a new type of game combining side-scrolling beat-’em-up action with adventure-style investigation that puts the “aii” in “kawaii.” Fight your way through the waking dreams of the sickly girl Soboko to escape the hospital.

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