Zen Garden is a calming puzzle game, built around an ancient Japanese tradition.

Each mechanic is simple, but don’t let that fool you, it is their combination, which lies in the heart of every challenging level.

The game does not encourage brute force, you can’t just wing your way through every obstacle on your way to success. Sometimes you have to stop and really think what you are about to do. Because just like in real life, after you place your rake on the sand, there is no undo, you can only start over.

It goes without saying, that in order to get immersed in this gorgeous scenery, you need suitable soundtrack. That is why graphics and handcrafted levels go hand-in-hand with music composed specifically to set your mind at ease.

Have a good time and Thank You for your support.

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Zen Garden

Zen Garden is the place where you come to rest your mind.

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