In the game, you have to try your hand at defending humanity from the invasion of zombies! Who will do it better than the Great Wall Builder, Mr. Trump? xD However, zombies are not as simple as they seem. With every attempt, they become stronger, deft and faster. In order to defeat them, you need to develop an individual strategy for each of the types of zombies. To do this, you will be helped by a number of features, such as combining types of shells and weapons.

Genre [/ h2]
Do you remember custom maps of WC3 so loved by many players? They served as inspiration for creating a game designed in the style of Lane Wars with the implementation of the RPG system.


Main Features

► RPG System (Character and different zombie types):

  • ⟶ Strength (+hp);
  • ⟶ Agility (+dmg, +speed);
  • ⟶ Luck (+3xmax dmg);

► Different weapon types:

  • ⟶ Pistol;
  • ⟶ Shotgun (launches x2 bullets);
  • ⟶ Machinegun;
  • ⟶ Rifle (+2 piercing targets);

► Different ammo types:

  • ⟶ Simple;
  • ⟶ Piercing (+1 pirecing target);
  • ⟶ Freezing (x2 slower movement speed);
  • ⟶ Bleeding (dmg every second);
  • ⟶ Exloding (explodes in 2m radius);

► Building barricades:

  • ⟶ ▍, ▃, ∎, ⬢ ;


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Zombie Lane Survival

Zombie threat overtaken America. Destroy as many zombies as you can. Play for Trump and make America great again! To do this you need to develop your own tactics combining weapons, ammo types, character abilities and barricades location.

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