Zombie worldA dead city occupied by zombies, upgraded from a bare-handed to a well-equipped,
Not only the thrill of shooting to you, combined with the major elements of today’s popular games.
Story mode:
1.First of all you will play a zombie walk in the zombie team waiting for the opportunity to find a weapon to destroy them in one fell swoop,
  Try to act like a zombie or you will find them and eat them.
2. Find jetpack lets you have the ability to fly.
3. Use the flasks to stop the massive attack on the zombies.
4. Rescued the goal.
5. Find the detonator.
Abandon the traditional Teleport forward way to enable the traditional mobile more immersive VR immersion Through the code to optimize performance will not allow players to feel dizzy.
The first and zombie freehand melee, hesitate to beat them!
Original flight jet backpack so that you are in danger scared to fly up!
Eye mode let your eyes a long time to play is not tired.

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Zombie World

Zombies have captured your city driving your jet backpack and recaptured with your team-mate
This is an open world,Some zombies received a lot of radiation exposure has mutated a very huge hope that you will not be scared
Some zombies move at a surprising rate and skip obstacles.

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