Switch’s Pro Controller Feels Great, But Its Analog Sticks Are A Tough Adjustment

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GameRevolution: “For as much as the Pro is an enveloping armchair to the Joy-Cons wooden stool, it doesnt change the fact that their analog sticks feel worlds apart from one another. My first three, five, and then ten Mario Kart 8 Deluxe races were negatively impacted using the Pro, as I skidded into walls and clunked around curves Id normally cut with perfect precision. I eventually began to get the hang of the new situation, but it was getting late and I decided to switch (as is so often advertised by Nintendo) to handheld mode. Since my plan was to play in bed, I didnt prop up the Switch and keep on with the Pro Controller, but instead attached the Joy-Cons for portable play.”

[Source: gamerevolution.com ]

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