Pure Opinion: Not Excited About God of War? Don’t Worry, You’re Not Alone!

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Pure PlayStation: It’s 4/20. For some that date means celebrating the gift of nature that is marijuana. For others it’ll mean waiting anxiously at the front door, listening out for the steps of the post man bringing a copy of the latest PS4 exclusive, God of War. For some it might be both. Good for them, I say.

But then there are those who’ll just go about their days as normal. Maybe they’ll go to work, come home and decide to play a game for a bit before turning in. Maybe they’ll not bother with God of War. Maybe they don’t care about God of War at all. “Who are these cretins and how do we will them?!” I hear you cry.

Hi. My name is Chris and I’m the answer to the first question, and I’m sure as s**t not telling you the secret to killing me.

[Source: pureplaystation.com ]

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