2019 Games That Are Ridiculously Underrated

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Here’s the problem with the games industry at the moment: there are too many games. It’s a fantastic problem to have, but the unfortunate fact is that some games eclipse others. The latest triple-A release will outshine a little gem crafted by a 20-employee indie studio. Not everyone can have a multimillion-dollar marketing budget, after all.
Here’s the cool thing about the games industry: you don’t need a multimillion-dollar budget in order to publish games. It’s easier than ever for devs amateur and expert alike to put their work out there for gamers to enjoy. Now more than ever we can enjoy a wide diversity of games, because although there are some long-anticipated titles with massive budgets being released this year, there are also a ton of games that have undeservedly gone unnoticed. These are more than diamonds in the rough they’re shining, well-reviewed, critically-acclaimed gems that have somehow stayed under the radar. They’re too cool for the mainstream. These good…

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