Maligned PlayStation Chief Jim Ryan Is Silencing His Critics

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PlayStation boss Jim Ryan is not a pantomime villain, but thats what hes been portrayed to be. The executive guilty of toeing the company line on cross-play, for example has long been the butt of enthusiast gamers jokes. His biggest slip-up? An off-the-cuff remark about the original PSone Gran Turismo playable next to the PlayStation 4s Gran Turismo Sport. Why would anyone want to play this? he infamously said of the 1998 release.

Its a rhetorical question that will be repeated ad nauseam until the end of time, even if the context has long been lost. For many, this was Ryan speaking out against PlayStations heritage; an early indication, perhaps, that its future consoles will not be backwards compatible. But the PlayStation 5 is backwards compatible, and its shaping up to be every inch the worthy successor to the organisations current-gen console. In fact, against a chorus of criticism, the English suit appears to be getting everything right.

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