Miyamoto Explains Why Nintendo Will Never Be Bigger Than Disney

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When it comes to gaming, Nintendo is often considered the “Disney” of the medium. After all, no other video game publisher has the same diverse number of properties that appeal to such wide demographics.

From Mario to Zelda, Splatoon to Animal Crossing, Metroid to Star Fox, the company has created some of the most iconic characters in popular culture. If Mario is somewhat akin to Mickey Mouse, then Shigeru Miyamoto would be Nintendo’s Walt Disney. The iconic developer has been with Nintendo since 1977, and has had a hand in nearly every major property created by the company, since.

As Nintendo’s current “Creative Fellow,” Miyamoto is a huge part of the company’s storied history, but he also has a huge role to play in the company’s future direction. And Miyamoto clearly has his sights set on where things have to go moving forward.

[Source: comicbook.com ]

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