Theres A Reason Why Stadias Streaming Resolution Is Falling Behind Expectations

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Stadia held out the promise of being able to separate the hardware needed to play a game at high resolution and frame rate from the hardware on which players play. The powerful servers in Googles data centers would do the heavy technical lifting and 4K 60 fps games would be streamed to TVs, PCs, laptops, tablets and phones. The ability to stream technically advanced games to any device was Stadias key selling point and the basis for the dream that in the not-so-distant future games with technical demands that no home device could hope to match could be streamed and enjoyed at home.

That was the promise, the reality is different. Given the compute power in Googles data centers, it was expected that Stadia would at least match the resolutions displayed by the Xbox One X. But thats not whats happening. Stadias 4K stream frequently falls short of the resolution seen on the One X

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