Nvidia RTX 3080, RTX 3070 Specifications Leaked

GA103: 60 SM arrays, 3480 stream processors, 320-bit video memory, 10 / 20GB GDDR6 video memory capacity. GA104: 48 sets of SM arrays, 3072 stream processors, 256-bit video memory, 8 / 16GB GDDR6 video memory capacity. Both new cores will be 7nm processes , but the foundry is unknown, and given the close specifications of the two, it is not ruled out that TSMC and Samsung can be manufactured separ...

Santa Monica Narrative Animator Teases Work on Next Game, Possible God of War Sequel

Kim Newman, Narrative Animator at Santa Monica Studio, posted an image of her in a motion capture suit with the text “Feels good to be back in the suit.” While more than likely a new God of War game, it might also be something else. But it does show that they are getting into the phase of the project involving motion capture work. [Source: twitter.com ]

Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok leaked on multiple shop websites

Ubisofts next Assassins Creed has allegedly turned up on GameStop and Amazon, with both a Mjolnir and Valhalla Edition. [Source: metro.co.uk ]

PS5 unique, unannounced features teased by Sony Interactive Entertainment president

Business Insider Japan has published a new interview with Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan, who touches briefly upon the newly revealed PlayStation 5 logo; teases unique, unannounced features; and hints that, unlike PlayStation 4, the Japanese release will not come later than its western release. [Source: translate.google.com ]

Hellblade 2: Senuas Saga is Exclusive to Xbox & PC

Ninja Theorys Hellblade 2: Senuas Saga was one of the standout surprises from The Game Awards 2019. No one expected it and we certainly didnt expect the visual fidelity it offered in-engine and in real time. While weve suspected for some time that its coming to PC as well as Xbox Consoles, Microsoft has now provided official confirmation. [Source: twitter.com ]

Creative work by ANTIVJ gets ripped off in new Microsoft Xbox launch

The launch video for Microsoft’s Xbox Series X console “borrows” from work by ANTIVJ (and a ground-breaking indie game, too). [Source: cdm.link ]

Resident Evil 3 Makes A Return Trip to Raccoon City April 3rd, 2020

Just announced via State of Play, Resident Evil 3 is coming to PS4 on April 3rd, 2020! Survival horror fans need no introduction to this true PlayStation classic, and for those who have never seen Jill Valentines desperate escape from Raccoon City but played Resident Evil 2 earlier this year, youre in for one terrifying treat. If you thought RE2s Tyrant was frightening, youre in for a whole new ki...

Google Stadia Launch Review: A Technical, Conceptual Disaster

Google Stadia is launching with a whole host of problems, from technical issues to the concept of the entire model. [Source: forbes.com ]

Even with a $1,200 graphics card, you still cant max out RDR2 on PC

With Red Dead Redemption 2 now available on Windows PC, graphics card manufacturer Nvidia has announced its guidance for hitting 4K at 60 frames per second. Turns out that even its most expensive consumer-level GPU, the roughly $1,200 GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, cant get there at the highest settings. That means theres plenty of headroom for driver optimizations, and/or the next generation of GPUs. [Sour...

[NSFW] ImagineVR has just announced the release of the 18+ erotic VR game Elizas Surprise VR

ImagineVR Inc., the California-based company behind the VR content distribution platform ImagineVR, and HentaiVR, a content creator that has created popular Animated VR experiences such as Alfeina Elven Experience and First Taste today announces the release of Elisas Surprise VR in addition to discounts for popular products. [Source: thegg.net ]

It Looks Like Sony Just Filed A Patent For “Ring-Type” Controller

Sony filed a patent for the Dualshock 5 that has a ring-type chassis. The controller sounds modular and designed to be used by both right and left handed users. [Source: respawnfirst.com ]

Redditor posts photo of Switch Lite without a B Button

In a case of random things that happen during manufacturing, a reddit user got a Switch Lite that had two Y buttons instead of the one B button normal on Nintendo controllers. [Source: reddit.com ]

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