We played modern games on a CRT monitor – and the results are phenomenal

From Eurogamer: “It’s true. Running modern games on a vintage CRT monitor produces absolutely outstanding results – subjectively superior to anything from the LCD era, up to and including the latest OLED displays. Best suited for PC players, getting an optimal CRT set-up isn’t easy, and prices vary dramatically, but the results can be simply phenomenal.” [Source: euro...

Kojima Says You’ll Feel Lost in Death Stranding, With No Explanation and Slow Story

Hideo Kojima suggested Death Stranding won’t be the most accessible game. You’ll feel lost, with no explanation at first and a slow progressing story. [Source: wccftech.com ]

GameStop at Pryor Plaza Shows Video of Redesigned Store, Planned for More Stores

Pryor Plaza GameStop posted a new video to their Facebook page showing off the redesigned storefront with a focus on new merchandise, snacks, retro gaming bays, and more. [Source: facebook.com ]

5 Remasters that Made the Original Game Worse

Exclusively Games writes: ”The medium of video games is the most susceptible to the test of time. As technology progresses, older games are overshadowed by the graphical improvements and design niceties of future releases. Sometimes, they are left behind by outdated hardware or operating systems and need emulators or fan-made mods to function properly. Other times, they arent available for s...

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s most controversial change lasted all of two days in the beta

From VG247: “It is very clear the vocal members of the Call of Duty community did not appreciate Modern Warfares lack of minimap. One of the biggest gameplay changes Infinity Ward revealed for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been dropping the minimap for a PUBG-style compass that sits at the top of the screen.” [Source: vg247.com ]

Borderlands 3’s PC Version, An Epic Store Exclusive, Is A Massive Success Already

No Steam; no problem. Borderlands 3 has set a new franchise record for most number of people playing at the same time. [Source: gamespot.com ]

Is Gears 5 the Game-Changer Microsoft Desperately Needs to Rival Sony?

Microsoft needs a big Xbox win to compete with Sony as the industry approaches the next gen. It’s banking on The Coalition’s Gears 5 shooter to provide just that. [Source: ccn.com ]

Unique Fan-Made Death Stranding Box Art Earns Kojima’s Approval

An enterprising fan who took it upon themselves to create a mock-up of the Death Stranding box art, and it’s a damn sight better than the official one. [Source: ccn.com ]

GameStop’s Store Redesign Leaked – IGN

New footage of a redesigned GameStop store has appeared online. IGN confirmed this is indeed one of GameStop’s official redesigns. [Source: ca.ign.com ]

‘Borderlands 3’ PC Sales Reveal An Important Truth About The Epic Games Store

From Forbes: “When Gearbox announced that Borderlands 3 would launch as an Epic Games store exclusive, the backlash was deafening, or at least it seemed like it was deafening. The combination of the already-established anti-Epic community and the particularities of the Borderlands fanbase led to a major outcry with everything we have to expect from these controversies: claims of anti-consume...

Ghost of Tsushima is So Beautiful That Shuhei Yoshida Often Stops to Admire the Graphics

Shuhei Yoshida admits in an interview with Famitsu that Ghost of Tsushima is so beautiful he often stops to admire the Japanese scenery. [Source: theplaystationbrahs.com ]

Gears 5 breaks records as biggest launch for any Xbox Game Studios game this generation

Thanks to the incredible support from our fans, Gears 5 kicked off the Holiday season strong attracting over three million players in its opening weekend and setting new records for Xbox Game Pass with the biggest launch week of any Xbox Game Studios title this generation. The performance easily doubled the first weeks debut of Gears of War 4 and made Gears 5 the most-played Xbox Game Studios titl...

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