Digital Foundry: Xbox Next-Gen Features You Can Try Today: 120Hz/ VRR on Xbox One

8K, 120Hz, Variable Refresh Rate… well, the first one is off the cards but 120Hz support and VRR are already built into Xbox One X and Xbox One S – so what do they actually do? With no games running at 120Hz, is there actually any point? Well YES…and no! [Source: ]

Saber Interactive Says The Witcher 3 Update For Switch Will Be “Worth The Wait”

Earlier this month, Saber Interactive said it was hard at work on an update for its Switch port of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition. While it was originally thought to be a minor update, a recent comment from the developer suggests it might be a lot bigger. [Source: ]

Godfall developer comments on circulating trailer

Godfall on Twitter: “Hey everyone! We can confirm that the circulating trailer is year-old PC footage used as part of an internal presentation. We are energized by your excitement and look forward to showing you just how far this game has come. Stay tuned for a more detailed look soon!” [Source: ]

This Cyberpunk 2077 remake in Dreams looks almost as good as the original game

Detricklez has shared the following video, showcasing a highly detailed character and environment that are inspired by Cyberpunk 2077. [Source: ]

4 Things Bethesda Must Do to Make The Elder Scrolls 6 Great

To say The Elder Scrolls 6 has its work cut out for it is a serious understatement. Not only does Bethesda have to rebuild its reputation as a company due to recent flops, but it also has to make a splash with this new entry to prove they still have the ability to deliver a powerhouse game. [Source: ]

Commandos 2 HD Remaster Gets Some New Screenshots Ahead of Release

PP: Kalypso Media is bringing the crack squad of stealthy killers back in a HD remaster and to celebrate the impending release, the publisher has released a new batch of screenshots for us nerds to gawp over. [Source: ]

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions for PS4, Switch, & PC Gets First Screenshots, Box Art, & More

Following the announcement of Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, Bandai Namco followed-up with a press release sharing more details and assets. [Source: ]

Sony Releases New PS4 Sizzle Reel “The Best Place to Play” Spotlighting Exclusives

Sony has released a new PS4 sizzle reel that puts the spotlight on some of the upcoming — and current — PS4 exclusives. [Source: ]

Phil Spencer on the evolution of the Xbox brand

Stevivor sat down to speak with Phil Spencer at X019 in London late last year, and we used the opportunity to delve into the evolution of the Xbox brand under his leadership. [Source: ]

The Rest of that Godfall Gameplay Teaser Trailer Has Leaked

Thomas writes: “Yesterday we shared a sliver of Godfall gameplay that was leaked via a Reddit user. Come to find out it was early 2019 gameplay that most likely is not indicative of the final product launching this Fall.” [Source: ]

Will Final Fantasy VII Remake let you save that one character you couldn’t save in the original?

SPOILERS! Some fans of Final Fantasy 7 have been unable to accept the most important moment of the game for decades now. Will they finally get a chance to change the fate of Aeris in the new version of the game? And more importantly should they get it? [Source: ]

What Are Some Of The Hundreds Of Consumer Events That Sony May Use To Promote The PS5

It is no secret that Sony is once again skipping E3 but a new Opinion Piece looks at what the company may have in mind for the “hundreds of consumer events” they spoke of. [Source: ]

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